Venice Hotel: Best View in Venice

I am still mentally reliving my trip to Venice. What a truly magical place. A city literally floating on water; but not just any plain ole city, more like a grand kingdom where one can envision the Capulets grand estate on one site of the Grand Canal and the Montague’s on the other. Venice’s beauty can sadly be dampened by the hoards of tourists that crowd St. Marks Square and Venice’s many otherwise quaint bridges. Which is why it was so important not to cut any corners when it came to finding a hotel. A hotel that was not only comfortable but also put Venice right in my footsteps without ever leaving my room.

Delight does not begin to describe how I felt when I saw our hotel room in Locanda De La Spada . I felt like a princess keeping a watchful eye over the kingdom she would one day rule (this dream was further exaggerated by the friendly people that waved to me as they cruised through the Grand Canal.

I loved staying at the Locanda De La Spada  hotel; not only because the view wouldn’t be believable if you saw it on a postcard but everyone at the hotel was also super friendly; from the front desk man who was ever so delighted to inform me that we had been upgraded to best room in the hotel (he could’ve said in all of Venice and it wouldn’t have been an exaggeration), to the hardworking gentleman who carried our embarrassingly large suitcases up many flights of stairs, and to the people working one of the most lavish breakfast spreads I have ever seen.

Needless to say I totally recommend the  Locanda De La Spada  on your next visit to Venice. Easily the best views in all of Venice (which is saying a lot because Venice in its entirety is so striking). Hope your time is as dreamy as mine was!

Doors to the balcony:

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Hanging out in my favorite spot:




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