About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to have this forum to share my passion. Since graduating with a dual degree in Finance and Political Science I have been working in the Financial Services industry and although I find the work challenging and impactful, I wanted to find a place to tab into my creative nature. To get in touch with the little girl in me that grew up sketching outfits and writing stories, poems, and songs.

The career I have chosen enables me to utilize my analytical nature but recently the left side of my brain has been crying out for an outlet. So, to quench the thirst for self-expression and creativity this blog will serve as that outlet. My most dearly held passions are fashion, self-discovery, learning, and travel. Fashion has always given me an avenue for self-expression and discovery. As I evolve as a person, fashion has also been a trusted friend to evolve with me by enabling me to find new more interesting ways to express myself.

Learning and travel have always served as a means for growth and happiness. Learning is something I try in do everyday; it makes me feel alive and it allows for my mind to expand and use that new found knowledge to view the world through a sharper lens. Travel is one of my favorite means of learning. Each time I travel, it’s as if my world was only what I could see with my naked eye and upon my return I can see a greater distance than could before. Travel also allows to me take stock of what I have at home and each time I return I appreciate home and all that terms invokes a little more. I find myself falling for every country I visit, its people, its culture, and food while deepening my understanding of the place I came from and appreciating it all the more.

Fashion and travel have always been outlets for me to be my most authentic self. I am inspired by all that I see around me from strolling through farmer’s markets to unique and interesting architecture. Thank you for joining me on this journey of continued learning and self-discovery expression.

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