Formulate – The solution to my hair woes


Hair care passion…

Like my precious Hudson (pictured above trying to figure out what in that box is editable) hair care is super important to me! My entire life I have had long hair and have always tried my best to care for it. Without proper care, long hair can look damaged and unhealthy very quickly and my hair is no different. Not to mention I put my hair through a lot with straightening and curling so I try my best to make sure I spend enough time nourishing it as well. 

In addition to taking vitamins and eating healthy I have always been on the look out for shampoos and conditioners that left my hair moisturized , hydrated, and  healthy; products that also didn’t contain hair damaging ingredients like parabens and sulfate as these ingredients strip hair and make it susceptible to breakage… seriously, like who needs that?!  

Hair struggles… the search for “the one”

Over the years I have used one shampoo/conditioner after the next and although I have found products that were “good enough,” I can’t say I found something that really hit everything on my list. I really wanted products that made my hair stronger, hydrated, and provided a healthy bounce and sheen. So, my search continued until I found Formulate.  Continue reading “Formulate – The solution to my hair woes”

How to rock the animal print trend

Animal print is no doubt all the rage this season. I am typically not someone who always gravitates toward animal print but I do love using it to add a little flare to an outfit. I also love over the knee boots and love fall for that reason among so many more.

This snake print skirt caught my eye because of the cut; I love that you can wear it high waisted, the button detail across the center, and the slit. The slit makes if perfect for showing off bold colored boots. Because the skirt has neutral colors (black and beige) it’s so easy to go bold with the top and shoes. So, adding pops of red really draws attention to the print. Continue reading “How to rock the animal print trend”

Best Sundresses of 2018

Okay… so it’s approaching the 100 degree mark in the city and many cities around the country and it was certainly a scorcher in Barcelona and even Prague in the last few weeks I was there. My saving grace was not having to wear pants and prancing around Europe in sundresses and summer hats. Summer is great for many things but let’s admit it being able to wear dresses on a daily basis is definitely a perk worth celebrating.

I love flowy summer dresses; you know the kind of dress you wear thinking you may be singing with birds and dancing your heart out at any moment. Those romantic summer dresses that make you feel like you’re on the set of the Sound of Music. Given my obsession with summer dresses, I was down right gitty when I found several dresses that were perfect for my European trip.

The first dress I fell for was a layered high-low maxi dress in white with a delicate floral pattern. This maxi is so romantic and feminine. This dress could easily be a special occasion dress perfect for those outdoor summer weddings or those summer days when you’re feeling a little extra (which should be always). It was definitely the perfect dress for going Prague rooftop hopping.

Continue reading “Best Sundresses of 2018”

The Perfect Spring Coat

Spring Coat

It’s that exciting time of year again when flowers are blooming and the sun shines away our winter woes. Spring! my second favorite season. This time of year always brings me a great deal of joy and positivity; there is something about spring that’s good for the soul. Something about spring that rids you of your hibernation winter state. This time of year always signifies a rebirth of something; a reawakening of the you that remembers your favorite restaurant has outdoor seating and that there is nothing like a New York city rooftop after a long workday. Most importantly the you in color and less what seemed like a million layers of winter clothing. Continue reading “The Perfect Spring Coat”