Formulate – The solution to my hair woes


Hair care passion…

Like my precious Hudson (pictured above trying to figure out what in that box is editable) hair care is super important to me! My entire life I have had long hair and have always tried my best to care for it. Without proper care, long hair can look damaged and unhealthy very quickly and my hair is no different. Not to mention I put my hair through a lot with straightening and curling so I try my best to make sure I spend enough time nourishing it as well. 

In addition to taking vitamins and eating healthy I have always been on the look out for shampoos and conditioners that left my hair moisturized , hydrated, and  healthy; products that also didn’t contain hair damaging ingredients like parabens and sulfate as these ingredients strip hair and make it susceptible to breakage… seriously, like who needs that?!  

Hair struggles… the search for “the one”

Over the years I have used one shampoo/conditioner after the next and although I have found products that were “good enough,” I can’t say I found something that really hit everything on my list. I really wanted products that made my hair stronger, hydrated, and provided a healthy bounce and sheen. So, my search continued until I found Formulate. 

Formulate journey…

🌸Initial thoughts🌸

My hair care needs are completely unique to me and it made perfect sense to use a product that targeted those needs rather than a generic shampoo and conditioner that was designed for the masses. I also loved that Formulate products were:

  • Sulfate free
  • Paraben free 
  • Sodium free
  • Cruelty free

I was super excited to try a shampoo and conditioner that promised to deliver all the things on my wish list!

🌸Survey experience 🌸

I began using Formulate during the winter. Using their super user friendly site I completed a haircare survey communicating my haircare needs and goals and viola the chemists at formulate created a custom shampoo and conditioner just for yours truly! The survey process was super simple, easy, and kinda fun; you describe your hair and share what you want the product to deliver.

🌸First shipment and trial🌸


When I got my first order I used it for a while and noticed that my hair was left a little too moisturized; I immediately communicated this and the next month the formula was adjusted. I loved that Formulate listened to my feedback and made the appropriate adjustment. When something is made custom it may require a tweak to arrive at the perfect balance of ingredients. For me once a small adjustment was made the product hit everything on my list! My hair was bouncy, hydrated, and stronger. Naturally, I was on cloud 9… nothing makes you more confident than a glorious mane.  

The verdict

Formulate delivers on providing a product that caters to each person’s unique hair needs. I am currently up to my third shipment and love it more after each use. Our hair is such a huge part of who we are and it’s so important to give it some TLC with all that we put it through! I am so excited to have found something that truly met all my haircare needs and look forward to hearing what experiences you guys have with it!

3 thoughts on “Formulate – The solution to my hair woes

  1. Wow your hair is literally hair goals. that’s amazing that you can tweak the formula! Does that cost extra?

    1. Thank you so much! No it doesn’t cost extra for your formula to be tweaked from month to month☺️

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