The Perfect Spring Coat

Spring Coat

It’s that exciting time of year again when flowers are blooming and the sun shines away our winter woes. Spring! my second favorite season. This time of year always brings me a great deal of joy and positivity; there is something about spring that’s good for the soul. Something about spring that rids you of your hibernation winter state. This time of year always signifies a rebirth of something; a reawakening of the you that remembers your favorite restaurant has outdoor seating and that there is nothing like a New York city rooftop after a long workday. Most importantly the you in color and less what seemed like a million layers of winter clothing.

The only thing more exciting than longer days and sunshine is spring fashion! brighter colors, light coats that are both fashion than function. Given my love affair with spring I was naturally over the moon for the most perfect pink textured weave coat from Zara. I was immediately struck by the striking bright but delicate shade of pink. The texture was equally as delicate as the blush shade of pink that drew me to the coat. I love the prominent front pockets that elegantly conceal your cellphone and add a touch of drama to the coat. I think this pink coat is exactly the bright and girly addition every wardrobe must have this season.

This pink coat is not just a delight for your eyes but also super versatile. You can dress it up over an all-white power suit to make it the focal point or you can pull it over a white tee and your favorite pair of ankle jeans. Wear it to a brunch with the girls or a Central Park walk with your furry friend. I paired it with an all-white power suit to make the coat the focal point. The white top is structured satin bodysuit with a plunging neckline and the pants is a wide leg dress pants that’s soft and effortlessly lightweight. I am obsessed with the color white. White is a like a canvas that dares you to add your spin on it and boy do I love putting my spin on it! it’s refined, minimalist, chic, and bold all at the same time. I love that white is eye catching yet simple. I love wearing white literally in every season! and although spring is all about bright colors I love that white fits in that category as well; Needless to say I am completely obsessed with this white bodysuit and wide leg pants combo and I love how the white shines bright all its own while allowing the pink coat to have its moment.


Zara white pants
Zara Wide Leg Pants
Zara white body suit
Zara Bodysuit
Zara pink Coat
Zara Coat


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